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Kids Haircare Myths BUSTED!

04 Jul 2023
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As parents, we all want the best for our children, including caring for their hair. However, countless myths and misconceptions about kids' hair care are floating around. It's time to set the record straight and bust those myths once and for all. Here are some common kids' haircare myths and the truth behind them.







Myth #1: Cutting hair makes it grow faster. 

One of the biggest myths is that cutting a child's hair will make it grow faster. The truth is that hair growth happens at the root, not at the ends. Trimming the hair does not affect the rate of growth. However, regular Style Cuts can help keep the hair healthy by preventing split ends and breakage.

Myth #2: Shampooing hair frequently causes it to become oily. 

Many parents believe shampooing their child's hair too often will make it greasy. However, the oiliness of the scalp is determined by the sebaceous glands, and overwashing does not directly impact their activity. In fact, regular shampooing helps to remove dirt, sweat, and excess oil, promoting a clean and healthy scalp. Use a mild shampoo designed for kids and follow up with a conditioner to keep their hair soft and manageable.

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Myth #3: Brushing hair 100 strokes a day makes it healthier. 

You may have heard the advice to brush your child's hair 100 strokes daily for healthy hair. While brushing can help distribute natural oils and detangle the hair, excessive brushing can actually cause damage. Instead, opt for a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles to gently detangle the hair without causing breakage.

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Myth #4: Using adult hair products is fine for kids. 

Adult hair products are formulated for mature scalps and hair, which may be too harsh for children. Kids have more delicate scalps and finer hair and require mild and gentle products. Look for haircare products specifically designed for children, as they are typically free from harsh chemicals and gentle on the hair and scalp.

Myth #5: Braiding hair prevents it from growing. 

Braids are a popular hairstyle for kids, but some believe braiding hair too often can hinder growth. This is not true. In fact, braiding can protect the hair from breakage and damage caused by everyday activities. Just ensure the braids are not too tight, as tight hairstyles can pull on the hair, leading to breakage.

Myth #6: Skipping conditioner keeps hair from getting greasy. 

Conditioner is often misunderstood as a product that makes the hair greasy. However, conditioning is essential for maintaining healthy hair. It helps to moisturise and nourish the strands, making them softer and more manageable.

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Now that we've debunked these common kids' haircare myths, you can confidently care for your child's hair without getting caught up in the untruths. Remember, keeping their hair clean, using gentle products, and avoiding excessive heat or harsh hairstyles are key to maintaining healthy locks. Happy haircare!


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