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Just Cuts spotlighting skin cancer detection in salons in partnership with Melanoma New Zealand.

22 May 2024
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Just Cuts announced today that its network of salons will work with Melanoma New Zealand to help amplify the impact of their life-saving prevention and early detection initiatives nationwide.

Over 250 Just Cuts Stylists in 32 salons across New Zealand have noted they are picking up more irregular spots on Client scalps each year. New Zealand's melanoma rate is amongst the world's highest. Almost 300 Kiwis die of melanoma every year, and most melanomas are found in people aged 50 years and older.




Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning said the network knows all too well that checking skin can save a loved one's life.

"We've all heard stories of Just Cuts Stylists in New Zealand seeing suspicious spots and saving the lives of their Clients. When we put investing in supporting Melanoma New Zealand to a vote, it was a unanimous yes from all our owners because we understand how big an issue this is for all our communities," said Amber.

Luke Sheehan, Just Cuts New Zealand Operations Manager and owner of Just Cuts Newmarket and New Lynn salons, said Just Cuts' support of Melanoma New Zealand reinforces its commitment to client well-being.

"Just Cuts Stylists are always careful to check hard-to-see areas like your neck and scalp. Just in my extended family alone, there have been three people who've had cancerous moles cut out, which means I'm at risk myself. If you've had a melanoma in the past, let your Stylist know so we can be extra vigilant."

"Many Clients don't realise that hair doesn't protect the scalp from sun damage, and hair is also vulnerable to sun damage, so prevention is the best protection from the sun for both hair and skin. It's a myth that sunscreen damages your hair; Clients should apply it to hairlines and partings. You can also speak to our Stylists about Justice Haircare products that include built-in UV protection."

Chief Executive Andrea Newland said Melanoma New Zealand is delighted to have Just Cuts on board to support its work raising awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention of melanoma.  

"One example of our work together is that Just Cuts staff will have access to Melanoma New Zealand's online course. This course will help staff learn the signs of melanoma, talk to their clients about it, and guide them in seeking professional advice should any suspicious spots be found during a consultation," said Andrea.

Just Cuts Hornby salon owner Michael Turner saved Client Craig Robertson's life last year when he spotted a suspicious mark that turned out to be stage three melanoma.

"Since we shared Craig's story last year, four other people have come into the salon and thanked me for raising awareness around skin checks after having cancerous moles removed," said Michael. "This agreement with Melanoma New Zealand is exactly what we've hoped for, as it means Just Cuts teams can continue raising awareness on the importance of early detection and prevention of skin cancer."

"Men, in particular, can be stubborn with skin irregularities. So many times, I have to ask their wives and partners to get them to take their skin seriously and get checked. I always tell them: if in doubt, get checked."

Melanoma New Zealand is the only charity in New Zealand solely dedicated to preventing avoidable deaths and suffering caused by melanoma. It receives no government funding and relies on support from partners, donors, and patrons.

Clients can donate to support Melanoma New Zealand using the QR codes on salon mirrors and counter cards or by placing spare change in the counter donations box.

The Just Cuts partnership with Melanoma New Zealand will run for two years.


Media Contact: Andrew Stewart astewart@alphaconsulting.global OR +61400 964 222

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