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Just Cuts Campbelltown celebrates 25 years in business

01 Apr 2021
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Just Cuts Campbelltown celebrates 25 years in business

Just Cuts Campbelltown Owner and Stylist Joanne Ashkar is celebrating 25 years in local business.

Joanne started as a Stylist with Just Cuts Campbelltown in June 2000 after working for 12 years in the hairdressing industry.

“I got married, had children and started a home based business while the kids were little,” said Joanne.

“It was chaotic at home and my husband eventually suggested that it might be better if I went back to working in a salon.”

“I started working weekend shifts at Just Cuts Campbelltown, and increased to permanent part time hours as the kids got older. Leading the team was a natural fit for me – I am a self confessed control freak. Once I became Team Leader I was largely running the business like it was my own.”

“My husband encouraged me to buy it, and it seemed like a positive progression, so I did. And over two decades later I’m still here - my youngest son will be turning 22 this July, he was just 11 months old when I started as a stylist at Campbelltown” adds Joanne.

Joanne is proud her business has lasted for over two decades, especially during COVID-19.

“Nearly all the stores around us in the centre have changed, we’re very proud that Just Cuts has stood the test of time.”

“There were only 4 salons in the centre when we opened, now there’s 14. The salon’s had two facelifts but we still have 10 styling chairs, that hasn’t changed.”

“Due to COVID, people aren’t spending hours browsing shops anymore, they want to get in and out quick. Grab their groceries, a coffee a haircut and then go home,” says Joanne. “Our niche is, just walk in for a quick Style Cut. Clients want that now more than ever.”

After two decades of styling, Joanne says hairstyles aren’t changing as much as they’re staying the same.

“Styles are coming full circle – when I was an apprentice back in the late 80s and 90s flat tops, undercuts and mullets were all the rage and they’re starting to come back now – particularly longer men’s styles.”

Joanne is grateful for the decades of continued community support from her clients and her team

“Our regulars are our backbone,” says Joanne. I’ve got clients who I cut as children now bringing their children to the salon, while some of our senior clients have sadly passed away, One guy has been coming for 12 years and he said every time he visits, he’s always happy regardless of which Stylist cuts his hair.”

“A couple of my Stylists have been with me for more than 10 years, and I still catch up with some that retired. They’re all excited for me and the business, because they know that they have been a part of it.”

Joanne credits husband Paul as her biggest supporter, both personally and professionally.

“He lets me vent, he’s my voice of reason. He helps me consider issues from different perspectives and supports me, always,” said Joanne.

Visit Joanne and the team at Just Cuts Campbelltown: shop U38 Macarthur Square, 200 Gilchrist Drive.


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